Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor is a utility included with Windows Vista and later. It provides system information such as CPU, memory, disk, and network resources in real time. Launch Resource Monitor by executing resmon.exe (perfmon.exe in Windows Vista). Resource Monitor is similar to Task Manger but gives more details.

Resource Monitor uses

  • Check Hard Faults, and used Physical Memory to find out if your PC needs more RAM. Hard Faults happen when data that a process needs is pulled from disk (Page File) and not from memory. Physical Memory is straightforward, as it highlights how much of the available RAM is in use.
  • Use the CPU tab to associate processes with Windows Services.
  • Find out which programs write to disk at a specific point in time.
  • List all outbound connections of the PC, or find out if a process connects to the Internet.
  • Check all listening ports, and close those that you don’t require.

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